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Caregiver giving eye drops

In stressing the team approach CPE recognizes the importance of the Caregiver. Like it or not, the great majority of people are thrust into this important role sooner or later. The support and safety added by caregivers are even more critical when a patient's sensory status (e.g. vision) is in question.

Communication between the caregiver(s) and the medical team is obviously important if complications and suboptimal endpoints are to be minimized. Communication provides for efficient navigation from diagnosis to best outcomes. Taking time to communicate well significantly reduces misconceptions and non-compliance due to misunderstanding.

Caregivers may be a spouse, an adult son/daughter, or a friend. It is very important that caregivers work to maintain their own health so that they can share their time and talents with the patient.

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Thanks to Dr. Beck and his staff's committed effort and care I have beaten ocular cancer and retained my eyesight. I will be a patient of his forever. - Denise M., Retired Air National Guard