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Central Plains Eye (CPE) was created in 2008 by Dr. C. Joseph Beck with one goal; to provide the best subspecialty eye care in a manner emphasizing the "Mom" model. In other words, if it's not what he would want applied in his own mother's care it won't be included at CPE.

The doctor/patient relationship assumes compliance with recommended strategies against pathology. A subspecialty retina practice is not the environment to diagnose and then observe acute or progressive vision-threatening eye disease. Patients not wishing to partner with their physician are strongly encouraged to seek attention elsewhere.

It is hotly debated whether healthcare is a right. Regardless of one's opinion, the delivery of care requires credentialed personnel, equipped facilities, and approved supplies. These components are associated with significant costs, all of which increase predictably. Private practice physicians operate in the small business environment without governmental grants or "too big to fail" supports. One of the current burdens most threatening to doctors is physician-supplied drugs. This mandate alone can expose a single doctor practice to millions of dollars of risk annually.

Accordingly, fees for services requested and rendered must be covered per an agreed to fee schedule. Delays inherent to federally-administered systems (i.e. Medicare/Tricare) remain tolerable, but only barely. The forecast is stormy at best.

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I owe my eyesight to Dr. Beck. If it weren't for him I'd be legally blind. I'm able to drive safely. I believe that is quite an achievement for a person with my condition and age. I consider him an outstanding physician, and the entire staff is very helpful and good to work with. - Gary K.