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The Central Plains Eye (CPE) physical plant reflects a carefully planned system centered on our patients' needs and expectations. Many eye diseases are chronic conditions linked to systemic diagnoses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Maintaining a comfortable environment is paramount as long term physician-patient relationships are common. This important fact is applied to both patients at CPE and their support family/friends.

CPE incorporates an ophthalmology specific electronic health record (EHR) system. EHR provides for greater accuracy, unparalleled safety, and faster communication with referring doctors. Designated CPE staff can securely access clinical data 24/7 to best manage patients that may require urgent attention. Multiple patient care elements can be accomplished simultaneously compared to older paper chart systems.

On-Site High-Res Digital Imaging

On-site high resolution digital imaging allows for rapid diagnosis and extremely accurate trend monitoring in cases of chronic disease.

On-Site High-Res Digital Imaging

Dedicated Patient Treatment Area

Unique to CPE are dedicated patient treatment areas for specialized in-office procedures. Custom designed suites for minor procedures including intraocular injections provide optimal efficiency, patient safety, and comfort.

Private patient treatment room

PASCAL Photocoagulator

The PASCAL photocoagulator, our primary laser, is arguably the best technology currently available for retinal procedures. Treatment sessions typically require significantly less total energy compared to other systems and are usually much shorter in duration. This equates to less induced inflammation and significantly less patient discomfort.

PASCAL Photocoagulator

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Thanks to Dr. Beck and his staff's committed effort and care I have beaten ocular cancer and retained my eyesight. I will be a patient of his forever. - Denise M., Retired Air National Guard